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About JRA Research

Our mission is to be the "best agency to work with, and the best agency to work for".

Being the best agency to work with

To do this, we need to provide a service that our clients can trust.  We want you to trust us to deliver your results on time.  We want you to trust us to give your project the time and attention it deserves.  And importantly, we want you to trust us to deliver results that are insightful and actionable.

We do this by giving Research Director involvement at all stages of your project.  They will be in regular communication with you, from writing the proposal, suggesting methodologies and approaches that can help to enrich your results and providing fieldwork updates, through to creating and delivering a presentation that is enjoyable, engaging, interactive.

Being the best agency to work for

We believe in giving all of our employees a thorough and rounded training.  Our scripters will improve their scripts by seeing how responses are captured in Qual Discussion Groups.  Our Quant Researchers will improve their questionnaire design through working on Coding.  Giving  our researchers exposure to all aspects of Market Research will give them a better understanding of the industry they work in, and therefore give our clients a better service.

This all helps to build a strong team of researchers who are committed to and enthused by Market Research.



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