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Dan Gallagher

Senior Operations Executive

Dan Gallagher

Dan joined JRA Research in 2005 as a telephone interviewer. Within a year he had been promoted to work as deputy supervisor, which is a role he continued in for the next five years.

During this time he got a great introduction to market research, experiencing and managing data collection on the front line. His natural affinity for the more technical aspects of the work, in particular the manipulation and analysis of data, helped him to learn, use and then improve the systems and processes within the call centre.

After six years working primarily in the call centre, he got the opportunity to move into survey scripting and analysis, which has been a perfect fit. His desire to expand his knowledge, coupled with his ability to quickly pick up new ideas and integrate them into JRA’s systems has led to him being promoted to operations executive.

Dan describes himself as a keen innovator; always looking for ways to create efficiencies and improve existing standards. He is forever scouring the web and even good old-fashioned books in his efforts to gain as broad a knowledge of Market Research as possible and looking to see how that can benefit his role for JRA and ultimately, JRA’s clients.

Outside of work he’s a big American football fan (watching, not playing!) and has supported the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 1999.


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