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Eating Outlook

Eating Outlook


A service which provides you with invaluable insights into what is driving eating out trends in the UK. Whether you are a manufacturer, an operator, a supplier, or a distributor there will be insight that will help you further understand your market.


A quarterly report which brings together survey research from both consumers and operators to give a rounded view of the eating out market.

Eating Out-Look is a panel survey run four times a year – twice with consumers and twice with operators, with the combined results being reported quarterly. It provides answers to questions such as:

  • How often, and where, do people eat out?
  • Who are they?
  • What are the reasons for eating out, and for choosing a particular venue?
  • How much is spent?
  • Which meal is eaten out?
  • What types of food are available and in demand - popular dishes and flavour trends
  • What are the important dietary issues?
  • What is the supply route, and attitudes to suppliers?
  • And much more!

As well as supplying the survey data Eating Out-Look also provides a quarterly PowerPoint summary of findings which tracks trends over time.


Both the consumer and the operator survey are run on-line with sampling frames representative of their respective populations, The consumer survey collates responses from 2,000 consumers, the operator survey from 300 operators


Eating Out-Look is released four times a year. In all cases the report is a combined report, but on each occasion the focus is led by the data most recently collected. The survey data is also made available:

  • Jan: Consumer led
  • April: Operator led
  • July: Consumer led
  • October: Operator led

Further Information

To talk to us further about Eating Outlook, email or call Terry Wagstaff or Ally Armitstead on 0115 9551133


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Eating Outlook

A service which provides you with invaluable insights into what is driving eating out trends in the UK...

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