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Technology Research

Technology Research

JRA was founded in 1978, and we’ve been researching technology since the days of Amstrad. We’ve grown up with technology and use it every day, so if you’ve got a project you need help with, we’re already primed and ready to go.

Our experience covers all aspects of technology, from product development and testing, through consumer engagement and usability, to market sizing.

Over the last decade, our research has seen broadband take over from dial-up through to the introduction of smartphones, tablets and phablets. We’ve approached these subjects in many different ways, through our CATI centre, hall tests, and cutting edge qualitative techniques.

Even when we’re not researching technology, we’re talking about it. We share news stories and press releases. We compare phones and apps, and we think about where technology is headed, about what is on the horizon, and what is beyond.

To talk to us further about our technology research, email or call Ally Armitstead or Mark Tillett on 0115 9551133


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Technology Research

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