Qualitative Market Research Solutions

We just can't help it, we love research!  We're curious (or nosey, if you like) and we live and breathe research!

Just because we're not sitting at our desks doesn't mean we're not thinking of your brand, or that tricky objective that's stubbornly lacking an illuminating insight.

We approach every project by looking at your unique requirements, and have an open mind about the methodology and techniques that will be required.

Our Director led team of experienced researchers and moderators can offer a broad range of Qualitative solutions.

To talk to us further about our Qualitative Solutions, email or call Ally Armitstead or Terry Wagstaff on 0115 9551133


We are the sole UK partner for GlobalNR - a multi-country consortium of International research companies...

Eating Outlook

A service which provides you with invaluable insights into what is driving eating out trends in the UK...

Chef's Panel

We have added to our services for the Foodservice/Catering sector by acquiring an online panel of chefs...

Technology Research

Our combination of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm makes us the ideal technology research partner...