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Packaging rage trumps environmental credentials in new JRA Research for global packaging specialist Payne

When it comes to packaging, consumers are more concerned with how hard it is to open than how green it is, according to new research conducted by JRA on behalf of Payne.

The research, involving more than 500 consumers, was designed to support Payne in identifying and understanding consumers’ concerns with packaging. This understanding is a central part of Payne’s industry leading position which focuses around providing solutions in four key areas that deliver effective packaging  – opening, closing, informing and protecting.

The study found that 85% of respondents said that they had experienced some frustration with packs. And a theme that continued throughout was frustration in opening. Even when unprompted, difficulties with opening generated the strongest response with “difficult to open, tear or rip easily” being highlighted as the major frustration by a third of respondents.

The research identified the 10 types of packaging most likely to cause frustration and amongst those who said they were frustrated with packaging; the most common pack format that causes frustration was clamshells.

Too much waste / packaging was a concern for the survey respondents, but the results suggest not to the same degree as pack functionality.

The research also found that although difficulty of opening packs causes frustration across age groups, vacuum packed foods or packaging that requires a tool to open are a particular concern for older people.

Commenting on the research and their new marketing positioning, Payne MD Martin Dallas said, “Understanding consumer attitudes and priorities is fundamental in enabling packaging manufacturers to work successfully with brand owners in the development of effective pack solutions.

Packaging is the key medium by which to communicate the brand and our research shows that consumers respond positively to packs that are fit for purpose. When packaging works, it makes people feel good about the product; conversely, a poor pack can have a deeply negative effect on their perception of the brand.

Packaging solutions that focus on opening, closing, informing and protecting can resolve many of the typical consumer pack frustrations and at the same time deliver added value and enhance brand image, to the extent of becoming an integral part of the brand experience."

The research has been widely reported in the UK and European media and has helped provide evidence about the concerns people have with packaging and how companies such as Payne can work with manufacturer’s to build in improvements to their products that will be truly valued by consumers.   

NB: The Payne research was carried out by JRA Research, who interviewed more than 500 people across the UK. The survey consisted of 523 online interviews conducted w/c 29 October 2012, each taking 5-10 minutes and covering a representative sample of the population, divided across five age groups. There was a 50:50 split of male and female respondents.

The full results were presented at the EU Packaging Summit in Berlin in January 2013.


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Posted: 16/01/2013


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