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On Demand

 JRA Research specialises in well thought out and professionally run customised ad-hoc research. But our clients have told us that sometimes they require really quick answers and to a very tight budget! 

So we’ve come up with something that plugs the gap between bespoke quantitative research and an omnibus survey.

On Demand projects cost £3,500 and are completed within 5 working days – so perfect for where time is of the essence and the budget is limited.


What do you get?

  • 300 sample - 18-65 with respondent penetration of 30% or above (lower incidence or larger sample sizes can be accommodated for a small additional amount)   
  • 5-day reporting turnaround (assumes commissioning on the morning of 1st day and summary report delivery by end of 5th day)
  • Questionnaire format – 16 questions - 12 pre-codes, 2 battery statement questions (max of 12 statements) and 2 open-enders
  • 5 images or one video/recording included
  • Written summary report, excel tables and office-based support
  • Cost - £3,500 + VAT.


Why On Demand from JRA?

  • Designed around your information needs with full executive support for survey design, questionnaire content/layout etc
  • Very flexible to hit your information deadlines – if it can be done – we’ll do it!
  • Engaging data collection techniques for respondents – just say “boo” to boring online surveys!
  • Focused on your specific information needs – so not part of an Omnibus survey where your questions get put on the end!
  • Flexibility on sample structure
  • £700 more if incidence rates go to 20% and
  • £800 more for an additional 100 respondents within the 30% incidence, just ask if you need alternative sample structures!
  • Much more than online fieldwork and tables - you get a written summary report, formatted Excel data tables and office-based phone support for additional queries.

 Please contact Mark Lasbury or Andy Grout for further details or click here to download a one page pdf.

Posted: 10/06/2010


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