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The Street

Ask yourself: 

How do we understand our consumers’ needs?

What benefit does this understanding bring to our business? 


Thinking Differently

Understanding the consumer requires a shift in focus from one purely on consumption and consumer needs to another that situates these needs in a broader understanding of the consumer’s life and culture. This new focus results in a deeper and more productive knowledge base, that is more fertile and robust enough to handle the challenges of an increasingly complex and consumer empowered market. At the heart of this in-depth approach is creativity through innovation. 

We believe that innovation benefits greatly from different perspectives; looking at things through different lenses and digging deep into un-tapped potential. That is why we bring together Anthropologists, Designers, Human Factors Specialists and Market Researchers to stimulate a creative and multi factorial understanding of what makes people tick. 


Open innovation brings advantages in many forms. The use of such an approach brings together experts from different industries and market sectors, and supports cross fertilisation of knowledge whilst building bonds and business relationships. Crucially, it enables experts from different sectors to ideate around key themes and discover different business approaches, delivering insights that would not be uncovered through a purely ‘internal’ or closed innovation model.

The material we use in this process is generated through a combination of qualitative and ethnographic methodologies. Trained researchers spend time with people in their everyday lives to understand the complex nuances that define the choices that they make in their lives. This approach enables the research team to ‘get under the skin’ of the consumer and map what, how and why they do what they do and say what they say. It offers a rich analysis of consumers’ thinking and through innovation, unearths potential new market and product platforms.

For more information including how, when and how much, download this two page pdf Syndicated Research 


Posted: 08/06/2010


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